09-17-2018 We are looking for experienced and qualified distributor partners in the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Nordic Countries, USA, South American Countries, China, Australia and from all over the world. We welcome OEM solutions.

08-15-2018 New SHIKARI® Q-CERT ELISA kit for quantitative determination of free Certolizumab(CIMZIA®)in human serum and plasma.

07-12-2018 New SHIKARI® Q-RAM and S-ATRAM(anti VEGF-R2) ELISA kits for Ramucirumab(Cyramza®) and Anti-ramucirumab antibodies!

07-03-2018 Total 92 publications done by using SHIKARI® ELISA kits from Matriks Biotek® Click to see

06-28-2018 New article. SHIKARI® Q-ADA and SHIKARI® S-ATA ELISA kits has been used to in study of "P709 Is there a difference in adalimumab drug levels according to pen vs. syringe use: An international, multi-centre retrospective analysis"

06-20-2018 With using SHIKARI® ELISA kits new articles, 2 new PhD thesis, a poster and a patent are published! Click to see new studies

06-13-2018 New SHIKARI® Q-RAN ELISA Kit for quantitative determination of free Ranibizumab (Lucentis®) in aqueous humour.

04-15-2018 New article. SHIKARI® Q-ADA ELISA kit has been used to in study of "Intra-patient variability in adalimumab drug levels within and between cycles in Crohn’s disease". Click to see first page

04-09-2018 New SHIKARI® Products Catalogue is published! Click to see

04-05-2018 New SHIKARI® S-ATA DUO ELISA kit for Adalimumab(Humira®)

04-03-2018 New article. SHIKARI® Q-INFLIXI and SHIKARI® Q-ATI ELISA kits has been used to in study of "Suppression of infliximab antibody levels by azathioprine in patients with rheumatoid arthritis". Click to see full text

03-28-2018 Do you have interest in biologics drug testing (PK / Immunogenicity)? Meet us at Biotechnica. You can also reach The Symposium Program and more by clicking here

03-23-2018 New article. SHIKARI® Q-TRAS ELISA kit has been used to in study of "Prolonged in vivo expression and anti-tumor response of DNA-based anti-HER2 antibodies". Click to see full text

03-20-2018 New SHIKARI® Q-ATI DUO ELISA kit for Infliximab(Remicade®)

01-10-2018 New SHIKARI® Q-AVE and S-ATAV(anti PD-L1) ELISA kits for Avelumab(Bavencio®) and Anti-Avelumab antibodies!

12-30-2017 Kit performance of the SHIKARI Q-TRAS ELISA kit for measuring trastuzumab in serum/plasma samples. Click to see details