06-13-2018 New SHIKARI® Q-RAN ELISA Kit for quantitative determination of free Ranibizumab (Lucentis®) in aqueous humour.

04-15-2018 New article. SHIKARI® Q-ADA ELISA kit has been used to in study of "Intra-patient variability in adalimumab drug levels within and between cycles in Crohn’s disease". Click to see first page

04-09-2018 New SHIKARI® Products Catalogue is published! Click to see

04-05-2018 New SHIKARI® S-ATA DUO ELISA kit for Adalimumab(Humira®)

04-03-2018 New article. SHIKARI® Q-INFLIXI and SHIKARI® Q-ATI ELISA kits has been used to in study of "Suppression of infliximab antibody levels by azathioprine in patients with rheumatoid arthritis". Click to see full text

03-28-2018 Do you have interest in biologics drug testing (PK / Immunogenicity)? Meet us at Biotechnica. You can also reach The Symposium Program and more by clicking here

03-23-2018 New article. SHIKARI® Q-TRAS ELISA kit has been used to in study of "Prolonged in vivo expression and anti-tumor response of DNA-based anti-HER2 antibodies". Click to see full text

03-20-2018 New SHIKARI® Q-ATI DUO ELISA kit for Infliximab(Remicade®)

01-10-2018 New SHIKARI® Q-AVE and S-ATAV(anti PD-L1) ELISA kits for Avelumab(Bavencio®) and Anti-Avelumab antibodies!

12-30-2017 Kit performance of the SHIKARI Q-TRAS ELISA kit for measuring trastuzumab in serum/plasma samples. Click to see details