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The use of biologics as pharmaceutical drugs elicits the question of effectiveness in each individually treated person.

Monitoring drug levels and antibodies plays an emerging role in the course of treatment and personalization of the drug. Over 135,000 tests provided for clinical use.

Shikari elisa kits are suitable for biosimilar work (pharmacokinetics and immunogenicity studies). Over 150,000 tests provided for pharmaceutical companies.

  • Palex is our new distributor for Spain

  • New publication by Gabriela Romero, et al at Macromol. Biosci. 2013 by using Matriks Biotek, Shikari ELISA Kits.

  • New oral presentation by Mette Julsgaard et al at UEG 2014 by using Matriks Biotek, Shikari ELISA Kits.

  • New publication by Martin Bortlik et al at Inflamm Bowel Dis.2014 by using Matriks Biotek, Shikari ELISA Kits.

  • Taylor is our new distributor for Australia and New Zealand

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Matriks Biotek works with institutions from all over the world & its products were used in publication of several scientific journals.

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Matriks Biotek kits have been selected as eligible to ISO 13485 & CE IVD standards by scientific institutions.


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